Mid Semester answer scripts on time from now

The Academic Senate recently decided that all instructors will be required to show the answer scripts of the Mid Semester examinations within 14 days of the end of the exams. Vox contacted Prof. Neeraj Mishra, Dean of Academic Affairs, for further details on the matter.

We were informed that the proposal was put forward by the SUGC (Senate Under-Graduate Committee) since there had been multiple cases in the past where students had requested the SUGC and the DoAA office for extension of the deadline for dropping a course. As per the current rules, a student enrolled in a given course can drop it only before a stipulated date in the semester which is generally few weeks after the mid semester examinations. Since there is no time limit for showing answer scripts to the students for the Mid Semester examinations, sometimes students are unable to judge their performance and hence cannot decide whether to drop the course or not.

In light of the aforementioned circumstance, the proposal was put forward in the Academic Senate by the SUGC. The Senate decided to pass this proposal and the minutes for the same will be confirmed in the next meeting, planned to be held on 21st May, 2016. The policy may be enacted from the Summer Term of 2016. In case it is not possible to do so, it will be in force from the Fall Semester 2016-17.

The proposal also includes a provision to include the deadline for showing of result of Mid Semester examinations to the Academic Calendar like that of End Semester, as is the current policy. In case an Instructor decides to hold two Mid Semester exams for the course, the proposal will be applicable to the one included in the Academic Calendar.

Written by Aditya Sharma

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