/Inter IIT Sports Meet action begins !

Inter IIT Sports Meet action begins !

Today saw the first few matches of the 51st Inter IIT Sports Meet being played with cricket matches being held at Main ground, ACES ground, Kamla Club and City ground. Seven matches were held in all with ACES, Kamla and City ground hosting two each and one match being played on the main ground.


Due to the unfavourable morning weather, matches started late and overs were shaved off by assuming an over rate of 15 overs in one hour. Following this, only four out of the seven matches were full length. The delay in the morning matches caused the afternoon ones to be delayed as well due to which the match between Patna and Bhubaneshwar had to be accommodated in only 10 overs.


The matches played in chronological order were Madras vs. Guwahati, Delhi vs. Roorkee, BHU vs. Jodhpur, Kharagpur vs. Mandi, Kanpur vs. Bombay, Ropar vs. Hyderabad, Patna vs. Bhubaneshwar where the former team won each of the matches.

The home team beat Bombay by a handsome margin of 78 runs and gave a promising start to the #3BaarLagataar campaign.