The Inspiration Lies Everywhere


















Whether be blossoming of flowers,

Or burning of coal tars,

Else be glowing of stars

Everywhere there is inspiration within.

The colour of butterfly elates you with joy,

And the rays of sun gives you energy to fly.

When the chirping birds make you sing,

And fighting squirrels leaves smile on your lips,

The falling rain talks to your heart,

And the vast greenland gives you rest.

Stealing away all your tension,

And you feel like breathing peaceful air amid of noisy session.

When there is snow white purity in your sincerity,

And dedication as deep as sea,

And you be determined,

That every stone of your journey be turned,

To see what’s beyond,

Than feel you are approaching to your goal:

Coming towards you very soon……


Written by Megha Agarwal, Core Group Member, Vox Populi