/The Cheshire Cat Meows Again: PHESTIVAL PHETISH

The Cheshire Cat Meows Again: PHESTIVAL PHETISH

Cheshire Cat was a humour publication in IIT Kanpur, launched in 1976 by a bunch of comic journalism enthusiasts, led by Mahadevan Ramesh. Some of the people who have been associated with the Cheshire Cat in the past include – Deepak Khanna, Mahadevan Ramesh, K. S. Balaji, David Thomas, P. R. Reddy, M. Vedhanayagam, K. Surinder Lal, Ajai Banerjee, A. P. Mukherjee, Satish Kaul, Sunil Gupta, Girish Pande and Probir D Satish Kaul, Sunil Gupta, Girish Pande and Probir Dutt.

Here is a funny take on the Antaragni. Published by The Cheshire Cat  for the first time in 1976 , we hope it will give you a good post mid-sem laugh. It is titled


Yar, phestival ij coming bery neer,
With girl phrom there and here.
I am prepare. I get all –
2 – 3 JS Poster phor wall
Bilu jean and You Time mag
I am learn talk like mod man
I am habing very good plan.

Yar, I am now phell phor phemail
She ij head, I am like tail.
So many joke phrom Weekly I tell.
Si say ‘Sit!’. And I say ‘Hell’.
It ij bery enjoy. In the pandal.
Si habe phive Coke and phall
Ajsleep at end of my stori
Si not even say ‘Sorri’.

O, yar, yesterde we go Phu-tu
She tak and tak with that Lassoo
Bhat I can do? I laff.
Bhen bill come, ebri one go off.
Phool, son-of-bitch waitor
Bill not pay laiter
So, I gib mess-bill money
Si laff. But it not phunny.

Yar. But I am hansom, I know.
Maybe mouche still not grow
But wait two, three yeer
It come beri soon heer
But this phestival Iyam same
Man when it begin. End I ‘lame’.

Yar, there ij such lot dame
But I am now out of game
Next year, I become the senate
I tell Culch. Secy every minate
And I am bery true pledge
We bhill not call this MH
I habe better plan yousee
I bhill hab try JMC.