/It was the 1st of April

It was the 1st of April

This is a follow up to the Vox exclusive yesterday on the reforms being planned on campus with regards to the Internet and Electricity usage titles Ushering into ‘a new Era’ ? For anyone who didn’t realise it, yesterday was April Fools’ Day, and that was a Vox Populi prank.

It has now come to our notice that a Third Committee is being constituted to investigate exactly how many people were put into a tizzy by it. The committee realises that a majority of the people reading this currently want to kick themselves for being gullible and/or are loudly exclaiming: “I knew it all along! I told you, didn’t I?” You might think you can deny the fact that you got well and truly punked, but don’t underestimate the powers of the Third Committee. We know who you are; consider yourself counted in the Hall of April Fool Shame.

So, people of IIT-K, chill out. Your freedom is intact; no bans on the horizon. Admit, though, that it was a pretty neat trick.