The inevitable fall














As the stars shine under

shaking, shimmering waters

the world stops and drops

held still in the hollow of nothing


Gravity pulls down the weighty,

the hollow branch bounds on in gaiety

as the bounding waves crash under

a vast island, breaking asunder


A mighty wind searches for redemption

a cage of unbounded perversions

in the paradox of repetition

of unspoken, expressed intentions

it’s dream a tsunami of destruction


The waters, searching for a shape

a wind to make them feel awake

without a backbone, yet they crave

of satisfaction in another’s enclave

a hollow friend of remorseless creed

stuck in the mighty jaws of greed


There used to be a stolid stone

a vast plane of solitude

water and wind, they need it, you know?

to calm down their endless throes

a stationary piece of the world’s motor

silently controlling, giving direction

the sea of dreams had hardly none

to view the creations of the sun


The water dissolved it’s very heart

the wind blew it all apart

strength, of course, admirably so

yet I wonder if strength is strength

or the biggest weapon against your sense

breaking the very heaven send

of life’s greatest reverends


As a tiny chunk of consolidated sand

randomly entered into my hand

I clutched it tightly as a reminder

so rare, I had to keep

the last vestiges of truth I could see

of humanity in this dreary sea.


Written by Pratibha Bhatt, Core Group Member of Vox Populi