A Victim



On silent nights they come, shouting brazen phrases to walls and shut doors
Many sots be a part, for no cause calls no cause,
Only if deaf walls could be swayed, it is not human
It is not human to ravage roads with fear or feverishly beating innocent hearts,
Nor can there ever be a reason so justified, to let fire be made a noble vulture,
Or to smash young skulls into nothingness,

When seeds of hatred grow, there are massacres, of our kind, and of our spirit

The sound of beating skin closes in, and fear forgoes all limits
Hatred and anger bubble together behind shut doors and as they open, the holy spirit dies
Oh how it must be painful, to die a little everyday!


Written by Nikita Yadav, Core Group Member of Vox Populi. She added a note to her poem. 

(Crimes against humanity, I have only heard of or read from newspaper reports. Most of us are fortunate to only have read about it. But we can feel it, we can feel the injustice of it all. The victim’s sorrow and helplessness could only be less conspicuous. Compassion is something we could never have enough of.)